The Interdisciplinary Science Program (ISP) is an innovative academic program designed to broaden and enrich the study of science and mathematics by exploring the links between the scientific disciplines and their connection with the external world.

Designed by faculty in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, environmental science, mathematics, neuroscience, and physics, the core of the ISP consists of a seminar and a research apprenticeship, both in the first year, and a course investigating the interactions of science and society, usually taken in the sophomore year.

Designed for top students interested in the sciences

This program is open to a select group of students who have exceptional scientific aptitude, who are strongly motivated to succeed academically, and who want to study science and mathematics in the context of a liberal arts education. Although the program is designed for science majors, it is compatible with any major at Trinity.

Begin research immediately

The ISP exposes you to scientific research right from the start of your college career. In fact, many students continue their research for their full college career, publish in professional journals, and present their findings at international meetings.

Share ideas about science and society

ISP is designed to provide a forum in which you can think and talk about issues of science and society with students who share your interests and with faculty members who are engaged in the current debates.




Dr. Alison Draper Science Center, Trinity College
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